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  • We started each of our four girls at Buckhead Gymnastics when they were three – the oldest 8 ½ years ago. Mary Catherine and Elizabeth developed into competitive gymnasts and currently compete Excel Gold and Level 4. Our other two have fun in their recreational gymnastics classes. Sarah Frances absolutely loves her home school Level 3 class, and is excited to have recently made the new competitive All Star Cheer Team. And our youngest, Margaret, is in Level 1. We are pleased with the progress each girl has made with her skills and flexibility, and we have developed wonderful relationships with their coaches, who love and care for our girls each week.

    • Adams Family
    • 8.5 years
  • Our girls have been enjoying the wonderful staff of Buckhead Gymnastics Center for almost four years now. We decided to come here after having a bad experience elsewhere and never left! Our 6 year old is currently in a Level 1 class and our 8 year old is in a Level 4. The staff is so warm and friendly. They truly enjoy what they do and want the participants to feel the same. We have confidence in the coaches' ability and instruction as well as peace of mind leaving our daughters here for classes. It's so nice (and refreshing) to walk through the doors knowing that most of the coaches here recognize us and our daughters even if they've never personally coached them. Makes us feel welcome and comfortable. Our girls love it here!!! Grateful to have found such a gem! Thank you for your hard work BGC!!

    Client image
    • Ali Thompson
    • 4 years
  • Buckhead Gymnastics Center is a state of the art facility that has provided our daughter a wonderful gymnastics experience. The expertise and professionalism of her coaches have offered a safe, fun and rewarding training environment. She has attended Buckhead Gymnastics Center for 7 years and currently participates as an Optional team gymnast.

    Client image
    • Amy & David Nash
    • 7 years
  • There is a special culture at Buckhead Gymnastics. The foundation of this culture arises from the coaches, whose love for the sport inspires their gymnasts to learn, while having fun. The gym focuses on providing safe, top-notch gymnastics instruction from highly trained coaches. Buckhead Gymnastics is an impressive facility, with top of the line equipment needed for skill development at all ability levels. Our daughter has been part of Buckhead Gymnastics' program for 8 years, starting in the recreational program and moving to the team program. Not only does she love gymnastics, but she has gained confidence, discipline and strength as a result of supportive coaches and excellent gymnastics instruction. I highly recommend Buckhead Gymnastics for a safe, fun and challenging gymnastics program!

    Client image
    • Julie Bradbury
    • 8 years
  • Finley joined BCG this fall and absolutely loves it! She is in level 2 with Coach Kasey. I have seen my daughters confidence increase dramatically from day one. She is determined to reach her personal best with each new skill and truly wishes she could go to gymnastics every day. I attribute this to her coach who brings out the best in Finley. Another important factor is seeing the coaching staffs' ability to engage the kiddos in the sport while making it fun and safe. You can tell they all love what they do. We could not be happier.

    • Millay Chappel
    • 6 months
  • I have had the pleasure of attending Buckhead Gymnastics as an observer for over three years. I have seen the constancy in the volume of little gymnast as well as the apparent increase in attendance of new gymnasts. My presence twice a week for three years has given me a birds eye view of the abilities of the coaches, the organization of the classes, but most of all the dedication of the coaches with their gymnast resulting in loving, trusting bonds. While instructing and elevating the gymnast the coaches have a level of intensity tempered with love and fun that has created dedicated students. I have two young ladies that attend as gymnast and the personal evals on their skills and abilities are always very accurate and honest. I see the love and respect that my two young ladies have for their coaches. When I first started bringing them I stayed the entire class session- I no longer feel the need - I know they are lovingly cared for and excelling from excellent instruction. I am the nanny - not the parent so I feel more compelled to assure my girls safety- I and their parents truly trust the staff at Buckhead Gymnastics. I would highly recommend Buckhead Gymnastics!

    • La Shorn Love
    • 3+ years
  • My daughter started Buckhead Gymnastics when she was 2 and now she is 9. We have enjoyed every coach for the past 7 years. The gym is so friendly and everyone knows our name. We participate in Parents Nights Out, Cheer Clinics and Backhandspring Clinics. My daughter thinks they are so fun! She loves every coach and loves Buckhead Gymnastics. We are currently in a level 3 recreational class and it is just the right class for her. The gym is so kid friendly and well organized. We have had the best experience at Buckhead Gymnastics.

    Client image
    • Mandi Jackson
    • 7 years